President’s Message / Management Policies

President’s Message

We have contributed to the development of industry for more than half a century since our establishment in 1949 as a trading company specializing in machine tools through providing hardware (high-quality products) and software (tool technology information) to customers in the automotive, machine tool, construction machinery, aircraft, mold and die, and IT industries.
We have strived to meet customers' diverse and evolving needs, as our mission, adding a new pillar upon our business in supporting customers in the field of precision machining technology that has dramatically advanced in recent years, aiming to enrich our line-ups of ultra-precision cutting tools, measuring tools, equipment, toolings, and other specialized products and integrate our services therefor.

A global market is being formed and expanded and the global economy is a reality. In such circumstance, precision industrial products as a fruit of diligent and sincere commitment to "craftsmanship" of Japanese people and their tireless challenges, are further strengthening their international competitiveness.
We are proud of such industrial products manufactured with their superior technology and rich sensibility.
We will continue to support domestic and abroad manufacturing industry to the fullest, aiming to be a specialized trading company with high technological capabilities with our symbol word "Challenge!! NEW WAYS!".

We look forward to your continued support and patronage.

Tomotaka Fuchimoto, Representative Director and President

Management Policies

As a trading company specializing in production goods including cutting tools, measuring tools, and toolings, and capital goods including measuring equipment, machine tools, and environmental improvement equipment, FUCHIMOTO KOHKI collects information of the latest high-quality products from around the world and provides users with such information and goods that meet their individual needs, thereby contributing to the improvement of users' competitiveness and also contributing to the economic development of local communities.